Training - Trials - Tests - Decoy Days 

Club Meeting Dates - Next Meeting  - Tuesday March 12th - 6:30 pm 

Meetings are held at Cabela's conference room - south end of building.

Spring Retriever Training Classes - 

The Regina Retriever Club may offer a Beginners Retriever Class for the spring of 2019. This class is open to all retriever breeds (Labs, Goldens, Chessies etc) as well as Airedales, Poodles, Irish Water Spaniels and Barbets.  It consists of 12 lessons over 8 weeks. (The first three weeks were 2 lessons/week).  Cost of class will is $200. Max of 12 dogs in this class. Please email Lianne at if interested for 2019. 

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 CKC Hunt Test:  - July 20 & 21, 2019

Junior, Senior and Master Hunt Trial

* RRC is a Member of the Canadian National Master Hunt Test.

Contact:  -

Premium List for Jr, Sr and Master Hunt :  coming this summer. 

CKC Working Certificate: August 24 & 25th 2019 

Contact : TBA

General Working Certificate Information - not sure what you and your dog must do? Click here for the basics!

WC Premium  posted below...

Hunt Test Entry Form - Use pdf below or click HERE for link to Canuck Dogs

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Download CKC Rule Book in PDF Format 

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Click below to read "You Can Make the Difference" - 

National Retriever Club of Canada Task force recommendations for 

individuals to promote and enhance the sport of Retrieving.   

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