2018 Regina Retriever Club Executive

President: Lianne Daradics

Vice President: Barry Watson

Treasurer: Dave MacDonald

Secretary: Jill Cairns

Membership: Ingrid Moisuk

Webmaster: Joan Peterson

Working Certificate Chair: Kathryn Kozack

Hunt Test Chair - Lianne Daradics

Game Steward - Lianne Daradics

Equipment Manager: Greg Buchan

Property Manager: Greg Buchan, Gerald Leippi

Training Grounds

Pictures of the Club training grounds are shown below. Members have free access to this area. 


There are many advantages to becoming a member. They include such things as a membership card and club pin, access to Club training grounds, training advice from members with years of experience in working with retrievers, and the opportunity to participate in fun trials like duck decoy days. You have the opportunity to get together with a diverse group of people who all share the same passion for developing their retriever's natural abilities. 

Membership rates for a single membership are only $50.00 a year, family memberships available for $75.00 /year. For more information on the benefits of becoming a RCC member, either of the below contacts would be happy to answer your questions and explain the club in more detail. 

Ingrid Moisuk - 1-306-584-7730 (Regina)

L. Daradics - rdaradics@accesscomm.ca

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